Language profesiency test
A+ Test
There _________ some books on the shelves.
The meeting is cancelled. You _______ prepare your presentation.
____ she_____ her friends yesterday.
There isn’t ________ coffee in the cup.
She ________ us tomorrow.
I have bought a computer, ________ is more expensive than this one.
He ________ too much.
I ________ go out today.
When I was a teenager I ________ a lot. But I don’t do it now.
My ________ name’s Mark.
Put ________ postcards on the table.
Oh, we don’t have any bread at home. I ________ go and buy some
We like ________. (Mark and Alice)
We want to meet ________ Monday.
I’m ________ actor.
______ I am going to travel all August.
I think that picture is ________.
This armchair is ________ than that armchair.
Mark ________ anything to me.
I like ________ picture most of all.
They like ________ a lot.
________ many people at the airport.
I am busy at the moment. I ________ an important email.
How ________ money did you spend?
We _______ to the USA this month. We have already reserved a hotel in New York.
We have ________ eggs in the fridge.
I ________ a cup of coffee now.
_______ you ever _______ to Turkey?
If you don’t have your pen, take ______.
He ________ when the phone rang.
We didn’t go on a picnic ________ the rain.
Sleeping pills are as ________ as warm milk and honey if you can’t fall asleep at night.
You see, this car is ________ than that one.
They don’t have money to buy a house. If they _______ enough money, they _______ buy one.
They come ________ the USA.
What’s ________ name? Is she Natalia?
Next month I will go on holiday. When I ________ on holiday, I ________ to Paris.
She broke her friend’s clock yesterday. I think she ________ buy him a new one.
His boss asked him to make a report. He ________ stay after work today.
‘Romeo and Juliet’ ________ by Shakespeare.
When I arrived at home, my parents ________ to bed.
She doesn’t like sandwiches. ________
I have ________ to do today.
She thanked me for ________ her a lift.
He promised ________ in time.
We ________ our friends tonight.
She likes ________ him ________ his brother.
She ________ her room all day but she still has a lot to paint.
They ________ to finish the work in time.
We’ll do ________ you like.
Let’s call him. He ____ be at home now.
If they ________, the accident _______.
You haven’t been to Australia, ______?
I didn’t know anything about it. You ________ me.
________ you try, ________ you learn.
He ________ to be very rich
I ________ know him.
In my opinion, they’re not ________ to come to us today.
You ________ call her.
My car broke and I ______ it ______.
I wish he ________ so rude yesterday.
By the time you come we ________ everything.
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