Preparation for A2 Flyers in Khmelnytskyi

A2 Flyers exam (9-12 years) confirms the skills of speaking English on the basic level.

A2 Flyers exam format:
International A2 Flyers exam consists of three parts. Checking such language skills as reading and writing, listening and speaking.
1. Reading and writing
Duration: 45 min. 7 parts (44 questions).
Task: pictures and words matching; multiple choice; filling the gaps with correct noun, adjective or verb in Present and Past tenses; choosing title for a text and completing the sentences.

Duration: 25 min. 5 parts (25 questions).
Task: tick the correct words; draw a certain object and colour it according to the task; write words according to the task; draw a line from the word to the correct object in the picture; listen to the task and tick the correct word.

Duration: 7-9 min. The part is taken individually with the examiner.
Task: look at two similar pictures, find 6 differences and describe them; describe 4 pictures which make up a story; answer the questions about school, friends and hobby.
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Cambridge assessment scale

Preparation stages

A2 Key
Key exam (A2 level) is created to confirm the speaking skills in ordinary situations. This test is suitable for those who have just started learning English.
B1 Preliminary
Preliminary exam (B1 level) is created for those who have mastered the basics of English and already have practical language skills for everyday use.
B2 First
First exam (B2 level) is created to confirm English proficiency at the level required for confident communication in an English-speaking environment.
C1 Advanced
Advanced exam (C1 level) confirms English proficiency at the high level and is perfect for preparation for higher educational establishments entering or the beginning of a professional career
C2 Proficiency
Proficiency exam (C2) is the last one on the list and confirms that you speak English at the exceptionally high level.
International exams preparation course includes:
Improving the level of academic English

Getting familiar with the exam format

Training exercises of all exam parts: reading, writing, listening, speaking (depends on the chosen exam)

learning the strategies how to pass an exam successfully

real-time mock exam

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