Preparation for Pre-A1 Starters in Khmelnytskyi

Pre-A1 Starters (6-8 years old) confirms the ability of speaking English at the elementary level.

Pre-A1 Starters exam
The exam is held in a friendly atmosphere, pleasant music is played, which helps young candidates to relax and understand that exams can be interesting and enjoyable. Exams can be fun!
Pre-A1 Starters will be useful for:
Pre-A1 Starters exam is the first one in the range of international exams for primary school children (6-8 years old). Pre-A1 Starters is a good motivation for children for further English language learning and it is an objective and impartial testing of their child’s knowledge.
Pre-A1 Starters advantages:
Despite the result, ALL candidates receive an international certificate that has not any expiration date.
Confirmation of the ability to communicate in English at the elementary level;
Excellent motivation for further study.
Pre-A1 Starters exam format:
International Pre-A1 Starters exam consists of three parts.
Checking of such skills as reading and writing, listening, speaking
Reading and Writing
Duration: 20 min, 5 parts (25 questions)
Tick the correct picture, fill suitable words into sentences, make up a word from the given letters.

Duration: 20 min, 4 parts (20 questions).
It is necessary to draw a line correctly from the voiced object to its word, to colour the corresponding picture, to write simple words and numbers correctly.

Duration: 3-5 min. The part is taken individually with an international examiner.
It is necessary to answer simple questions about yourself, family, describe the pictures, and find the differences in the picture or among the objects.

Cambridge assessment scale

International exams preparation course includes:
Improving the level of academic English

Getting familiar with the exam format

Training exercises of all exam parts: reading, writing, listening, speaking (depends on the chosen exam)

learning the strategies how to pass an exam successfully

real-time mock exam

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