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Lesson with preschoolers is oriented on the formation of a full-fledged surrounding perception, is a basis of world knowledge, the first stage of which is experience. To some extent, intellectual, physical and aesthetic education success depends on a sensory development level of children that involves how absolutely a child hears, sees and feels everything surrounding.
A child begins to accumulate the concept of size, shape, color and other object properties. This is conveyed during game-based activities and situations, which are created by teacher with a particular developmental purpose.
While playing, children subconsciously learn methods of grouping and classification, the notion of relation and dependence between objects by their size, shape, color and location in space.
Lessons are developed according to the age groups with the latest approaches and methodical materials.

Preparation for school.
Children preparation for school includes three components:

skills of adaptation in society
basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics
children are ready to be independent and responsible
During the course lessons preschoolers will learn:
Numbers and shapes
Children will obtain knowledge in counting, adding, subtracting and reading by syllables. They will learn the concept of time, space and geometric shapes.
Children will develop intelligence and speaking, will learn to express their own thoughts and argue them.
Interesting studying
Children will be prepared for the beginning of school educational process. Working with new workbooks, which are approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, lessons go quickly and in an interesting for your child way.
It is important to remember that desire for studying is encouraged from childhood

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More than 9 years of fruitful work
Our language studio in Khmelnytskyi is more than 9 years old. We have been constantly developing, opening new schools for you to reach us easily. We have taught more than 3000 students and more than 1000 teachers have been trained in our training center or in the form of webinars.
Our certificated teachers of English take advanced training courses of leading experts in the language education field and own TKT certificates (Teaching Knowledge Test). TKT certificate allows them to work abroad and confirms deep knowledge in teaching methodology of English language.
Individual approach
We choose individual approach for every student to make studying in language studio A+ bring only great knowledge and positive emotions.

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Часті запитання

At what age can we start preparing for school?
According to new programs and requirements of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, it is appropriate to start preparation in 2 years before school at the age of 4-5 years.
Is it possible to start learning earlier? 
Yes! You even should! Interesting and informative lessons of sensory development help a child to get familiar with studying process and find out something new in absorbing format.
Do you use textbooks and notebooks?
Sure! All the books we use are approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
How are lessons conducted?
Lessons are conducted in integrated way, combining modern methods, multimedia and bright visual material that interests children of all age groups.
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