Pofessional translation of English language in Khmelnytskyi

We work with:
Legal person
Government institutions
Stages of cooperation
Price and deadlines
We will review your document and calculate the price and deadlines. After your confirmation, we will start working.
Translation and correction
In the process of translation, editors make corrections to the text and, if it is necessary, native speakers check the document.
In the end, you receive a perfect and flawless translation.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) and verification
After translation, we create a layout of your document so that it corresponds to 100% of the original. If necessary, we can verify the document.
Translation delivery
You can get the completed work in person or we can send it to you in any convenient way.


From 130 UAH
Standard document (certificate without apostille)
Order translation
From 170 UAH
Specialized document
Order translation

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Zarichanska St, 36/3

Panasa Myrnogo St, 35/2

Panasa Myrnogo St, 16/1

Podilska St, 111 (Gymnasium №1)

Open hours
10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sun – closed

Why should I come to your office?
There is no real need. The physical office scans the documents for you, and you are able to pay in cash there.
All consultations, questions, ordering, receiving of a completed translation and everything is solved much faster, cheaper and more convenient for you online.
I will translate myself. Can you just certify the document?
Translator has no right to sign someone else's translation. Only the translator with an official diploma, which confirms his /her qualification, can sign the translation. Therefore, unfortunately, the translation must be performed by our specialist so that the notary can certify it.
What is the nearest studio to me?
Location of our studios in the different parts of the city allows you to choose the nearest and the most convenient for you variant. At the moment there are four of our studios in Khmelnytskyi by the following addresses:
1. Zarichanska St, 36/3 (Electronica station)
2. Podilska St, 111 (Gymnasium №1)
3. Panasa Myrnogo St, 35/2 (final Ozerna stop)
4. Panasa Myrnogo St, 16/1 ( apartment complex Amsterdam)

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