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TKT Module 2 & 3 Intensive Preparation Courses

Course Trainer: Natalia Zachynska(TKT, CELTA, A+ Language Studio and Teacher Training Centre Founder)
The course agenda
Module 2 dates:
12/03/22 - 10am - 4pm
(there will be two 20-minute breaks)
13/03/22 - 10am - 4pm
(there will be two 20-minute breaks)
19/03/22 - 10am-2pm
(there will be one 20-minute break)
Mock test Module 2
Total: 15 hours in class + 10 hours of self-preparation
Price: 2200 UAH/85$
Module 3 dates:
20/03/22 - 10am - 4pm
(there will be one 20-minute break)
26/03/22 - 10am - 3pm
(there will be two 15-minute breaks)
Mock test Module 3
Total: 9 hours in class + 6 hours of self-preparation
Price: 1700 UAH/65$
If you do TWO Modules at a time 3700 UAH/140$
Register: https://forms.gle/5AFsXY1VWswm6oRm9
The certificate is provided*
*To receive a certificate one is obliged to be present during all the training and hand in a mock test. The recording will be provided. Меньше
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