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What to watch? Holiday edition

Don't know what to watch on cold winter evenings?
No problem) We have prepared for you a list of films that will add festive New Year's mood in the coolest time.
*Best viewed with original English dub.

📍Level A2
• Klaus
• Arthur Christmas
The cute cartoons are filled with a magical winter atmosphere and use easy-to-understand vocabulary.
📍Level B1

• A boy called Christmas
An atmospheric family film to raise the Christmas mood.
• Holiday in the vineyard
The romantic comedy is full of atmosphere of love.
📍Level B2

• The Guardians of the Galaxy (Holiday Special)
An adventure-fantasy film that will appeal to all fans of fantasy and especially to fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
• Family Switch
A little bit of fantasy, a little bit of life) Fun and warm family movie with interesting and lively vocabulary.
• Hotel for the holidays
Another romantic comedy is related to love during the winter holidays.
📍Level C1

• The man who invented Christmas
An exciting documentary-fantasy film related to the theme of the origin of Christmas.
• Three days of Christmas
A historical-documentary series with an interesting and at the same time difficult course of events, wrapped in a blanket of winter atmosphere.
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