Our Conference is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the educational atmosphere together with the best experts, not only from Ukraine but also from abroad.

You'll get two days filled with learning, networking, and fun. Thanks to the help and support of our partners, we were able to bring the idea of a useful event for teachers to life.

Due to the large number of requests to hold an online conference, we decided to change the format of the conference.
Recordings of all performances, materials, and certificates of participation with the number of hours listened from A+ Language Studio, from Khmelnytskyi National University and the department of IOMK.
Prize draws and all performances remain unchanged.

The new price is 1600UAH for two days.
All collected funds will be transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces.
First day
Teens and adults
Alastair Grant
Alastair teaches at the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, and works as a consultant on the profesorado de inglés at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires, where has lectured on both Discourse Analysis and Methodology. He has also been Director of studies at International House Montevideo, at International House San Isidro and at Colegio San Luis in Victoria, Buenos Aires.
Alastair holds an Honours Degree in English Literature and Philosophy from the University of Warwick in the UK, has completed the International House Certificate of Advanced Methodology, all modules of the Cambridge Delta and the Cambridge Train the Trainer Certificate.
Alastair has delivered teacher training at international conferences, at online conferences, for teachers’ associations, for a variety of publishing houses, universities and at local schools in the UK, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, and Egypt, as well as at schools in underprivileged
neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires.
In 2022, Alastair founded the Together for Ukraine teacher development project, a series of free talks and webinars to support teachers from Ukraine.
Alastair is also the co-founder of the We’re All in This Together teacher development project, which
was set up to support teachers worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Assessment Essentials Introduction.
Basis for assessment of Cambridge exams.

Mykhailo Dubyna
CELTA, Delta M2, IELTS 8.5 and CPE Grade A. International examiner and teacher with over 10 years experience of the full range of Cambridge exams for adults and teenagers (A2-C2), TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and SAT.

Writing Assessment (From A2 Key to C1 Advanced). During this session, with the help of practical tasks, you will gain insight into the assessment criteria of these exams and how they can be used in the classroom.

Kristina Goncharenko
CELTA, Delta M2, CPE Grade B. DoS at EverEnglish, international examiner. More than 12 years exeprience in teaching and more than 8 years of experience in teacher training.

My motto is "Teaching is sharing".

Speaking assessment (From A2 Key to C1 Advanced)
In this engaging session, you'll explore the realm of speaking exam assessment criteria. Uncover invaluable techniques for evaluating learners' speaking abilities across various levels, while engaging in a series of hands-on tasks designed to equip you with the skills to effectively prepare and assess your students.

Iryna Dribko
9 years of experience with international exams, CELTA, DELTA M1, IELTS 8.5 (C2), founder of the Zeal Language School, author of the "IELTS Triumph Track" course.

Mastering IELTS Reading and Listening
This session offers an in-depth explorat
ion of tailored strategies designed to enhance proficiency in receptive skills. From skimming and scanning techniques to critical thinking methodologies, to applying DOGME and CLIL, attendees will gain invaluable insights aimed at optimizing their students’ performance on test day. Furthermore, this presentation will spotlight the symbiotic relationship between reading and listening, elucidating how proficiency in one area can significantly bolster capabilities in the other. Through practical examples attendees will learn to leverage their students’ strengths and mitigate weaknesses across various subskills, fostering a holistic approach to IELTS preparation.

Maryna Myronyuk
CELTA trainer, international examiner, 17 years of teaching experience in various contexts, co-author of a course for teachers on teaching using communicative methods.

I clearly remember my feeling when I came back to school after I had taken CELTA almost nine years ago: “Tell me what lesson to teach and I will stage the activities in a few seconds.” Now, being a CELTA trainer, I often hear something similar from my CELTA graduates. What's behind that feeling?

A Lesson Plan: A Friend or Foe
During the session we’ll be looking at different components of a lesson plan and typical staging of systems and skills lessons which helps make preparation for the lessons easier. You’ll also be introduced to some TKT Module 2 tasks related to the topic of planning.

Second day

Natalia Zachynska
Natalia Zachynska (TKT, CELTA, DELTA M1). A teacher trainer, IELTS instructor and founder of A+ Language Studio (Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre). IATEFL Ukraine, Poland member. A lecturer at Khmelnytskyi National University, Department of Foreign Language Education and Intercultural Communication.

Use of English Essentials
This session is aimed at presenting a solid grasp of the structure and expectations of the Use of English section in Cambridge exams. After the session you will gain practical skills and strategies to improve grammar, vocabulary, and overall English usage; enhanced confidence in your ability to succeed in Cambridge Language Qualifications exams preparation.

Rimma Buchok
Rimma Buchok has created Mrs. Buchok’s Learning Center. Has been teaching English for more than 19 years.
Did her TKT 1, 2, 3, YL ,CLIL and completed CELT-P.
Prepares students for Mover, Flyers, Key for Schools and Preliminary for Schools Cambridge Exams.
Rimma believes in lifelong learning, enjoys working with children and learning from them.
Her life motto is “Everything you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord!”
Rimma is going to share
How to teach Listening Skills for Starters - Movers - Flyers
Based on her own experience she will share what is really effective in exam preparation and helps her students to improve their chance to get higher mark in Exam.

Yana Hridasova
CELTA/TYLEC certified teacher; CELT-P/S Trainer; Teacher Trainer; Training Facilitator (UNESCO).
Exam preparation: Young Learners Exams, A2 Key fS, B1 Preliminary fS, B2 First fS.
Her motto is: " Be the teacher you needed your teachers to be”.
Yana will conduct a session on reading and writing.
During this session, you'll delve into the exciting world of starters, movers and flyers exams, uncovering the secrets of reading and writing tasks.
Get ready for a journey filled with practical tips, fun exercises, and invaluable insights to make exam prep a joy for both you and your students.

Oksana Vakhil
The founder of the Merry land language school (Chernihiv).
More than 18 years of teaching experience. The author of the English language teaching program for preschoolers and YL primaries, Journey to merry English.
IH vyls, Celt P, Celt S
This session will dive you in my passion - Speaking.
We will discover clear demands and how to prepare our YL to Speaking Exams through every day English filling your students with enthusiasm, interesting talk and total engagement!
About myself:
Combine teaching with mindfulness, creative movement and Art - the best instruments for YL minding clear aims of each lesson and students’ needs.

On the first day you will be able to meet our special guests Natalia Liashko, Daryna Sizhuk,Tetiana Shelepko.
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Підготовка до співбесіди, до вступу у ВНЗ. Загальний курс словацької  мови від початкового рівня.

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