Online courses of Slovak language
We teach everyone, from children to adults. A+ is the most certificated language studio in Khmelnytskyi region!

Learning the Slovak language

We offer comprehensive Slovak language learning sessions. During the classes, you will master the basics of Slovak grammar and vocabulary, explore Slovak culture, and also learn modern Slovak slang. The online format of the lessons allows you to participate from anywhere in the world.
Our instructors use effective methods for foreign language learning, including Communicative Language Teaching (focusing on the development of conversational skills), Task-based learning (based on the completion of various tasks), and Presentation-Practice-Production (a technique involving learning new vocabulary and grammar, followed by practice and free use of the learned material).

Preparation courses of Slovak

Polish for children in Khmelnytskyi
Polish for beginners in Khmelnytskyi
Preparation for entrance exams in Khmelnytskyi
Course for Karta Polaka (Pole’s Card) Applicants in Khmelnytskyi
Preparation for an embassy interview in Khmelnytskyi
General Polish in Khmelnytskyi
Preparation for Polish courses in universities in Khmelnytskyi
Business Polish in Khmelnytskyi
Preparation for A1-A2 Polish level in Khmelnytskyi
Preparation for B1-B2 Polish level in Khmelnytskyi
Preparation for C1-C2 Polish level in Khmelnytskyi
Preparation for ZNO in Polish in Khmelnytskyi

Language studio A+ offers you to learn the following foreign languages:

Preparation for school, DPA and ZNO. Qualified preparation for all international exams.
Preparation for a job interview and entering higher educational establishments. General Slovak language course from the beginner level.

Preparation for the international language exam DaF. General German language course and preparation for DPA and ZNO.

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